Quality assurance is one of the guiding principles in the way we do business at Enertech. As a result of that, every TETCO geothermal heat pump features a standard five-year warranty to help protect your investment. We're also proud to offer an extended warranty option to give added peace of mind.

The TETCO five-year standard residential warranty includes...

  • Water-to-refrigerant heat exchanger
  • Air-to-refrigerant heat exchanger (not applicable on water-to-water units)
  • All internal refrigerant circuit parts
  • All internal water circuit parts
  • All internal controls/electrical parts, including fan motor if applicable
  • Internal electric heater
  • Desuperheater pump
  • TETCO thermostat
  • Flow center purchased through Enertech
  • EWC Zoning (panel and dampers) purchased through Enertech *includes ten-year parts coverage
  • Five-year labor allowance on all of the above listed items including accessories
5 year warranty

Free Warranty Upgrade

  • 10-Year Compressor Warranty* when you register your unit! Extends factory warranty coverage an additional 5 years (years 6-10) from date of installation.
  • *Parts only coverage. Must register within 60 days of installation.

The TETCO extended residential warranty

This warranty option increases coverage from five to ten years on items covered under standard warranty.*includes parts & labor allowance.

TETCO D-I-Y Policy

TETCO geothermal heat pumps and system installations may include electrical, refrigerant and/or water connections. Federal, state and local codes and regulations apply to various aspects of the installation. Improperly installed equipment can lead to equipment failure and health/safety concerns. For these reasons, only qualified technicians should install a TETCO geothermal system. Because of the

importance of proper installation, TETCO does not sell equipment direct to homeowners. Internet websites and HVAC outlets may allow for purchases directly by homeowners and do-it-yourselfers, but TETCO offers no warranty on equipment that is purchased via the internet or installed by persons without proper training. TETCO has set forth this policy to ensure installations of TETCO geothermal

systems are done safely and properly. The use of well-trained, qualified technicians helps ensure that your system provides many years of comfort and savings.