TETCO ES<sup>6</sup> Variable Speed Water-to-Water unit image 5 year warranty

ES6 Variable Speed Water-to-Water

Our new Tetco variable-speed, variable-capacity heating and cooling system adjusts the BTUH output to match the load profile for desired comfort settings. With the help of an outdoor temperature sensor, the modulating compressor adjusts to deliver the perfect water temperatures for a radiant or hydronic system application. This is vital because the efficiency of a water-to-water geothermal unit increases significantly with lower water temperatures.


  • Intelligent Controls: Our onboard control monitors demand and calculates optimal running conditions multiple times every second to deliver the most efficient, comfortable heating and cooling
  • Variable Compressor: Our variable-speed, modulating compressor adjusts the output to match the load profile for desired comfort setting
  • Higher COP’s: When testing within AHRI parameters, the variable-speed water-to-water had a COP of 3.9, but in real-life application, the COP is around 4.8
  • Outdoor Reset: The outdoor reset temperature sensor provides temperature feedback, using proper water temperatures at all times to ensure the highest efficiencies, while delivering consistent warmth and eliminating temperature swings
  • Domestic hot water: The variable-speed, water-to-water will produce most or all (based on settings) of the household domestic hot water by throttling capacity based on demand – the system includes an immersion heater for high volume demand
  • Brazed-Plate Heat Exchanger: The heart of the system feature an advanced design, high-efficiency brazed-plate heat exchanger


Model Capacity Cooling Heating
Btu/hr EER Btu/hr COP
WV060 Full Load 43,000 18.4 54,600 3.0
Part Load 21,600 25.4 27,000 3.9
Unit Notes
  • Rated in accordance with ISO Standard 13256-2 which includes Pump Penalties.
  • Heating capacities based on 32°F EST & 104°F ELT.
  • Cooling capacities based on 77°F EST & 53.6°F ELT.
  • Published ratings are based off of a Full Load Cooling RPM of 3750, a Part Load Cooling RPM of 1800, a Full Load Heating RPM of 6000, and a Part Load Heating RPM of 2600.


Variable-Speed Pumps (pressurized and non-pressurized)

Our system includes an integrated variable-speed load pump with plug and play electrical connections for the variable-speed flow center.

Indirect Domestic Water Heater

A high efficiency, high volume water heater that uses the variable-speed water-to-water to heat water on demand. The over-sized heat exchanger provides superior heat transfer, thus giving you the most efficient and highest capacity geothermal water heating system available.

"A" coil (hydronic)

The specially matched "A" coil allows the split geothermal system to be added to an existing air handler or furnace in retrofit applications. Additionally, the "A" coil can allow the system to operate in a dual-fuel application where backup heat is supplied by a traditional furnace.

Air handler (hydronic)

These multi-positional air handlers are specially matched to our split systems for maximum performance. The match also qualifies the system for the 30% U.S. federal tax credit. The air handler can be installed in remote parts of the home, or hard to reach areas where space is at a premium.

Programmable thermostat

Keeps the home more comfortable by operating the unit on a set schedule and temperature range. This also saves on energy costs by setting the unit back while the home is unoccupied.

Non-programmable thermostat

Designed to take maximum advantage of the multi-stage functionality of the unit. This allows the unit to achieve maximum savings by only operating at the right range to match the current weather.

Consumer purchase plans

With a wide variety of payment options and terms, our consumer payment plans make installing a geothermal system easier and more cost effective. By deferring your initial payments out, you can start enjoying your new system earlier and take time to obtain many of the various rebates and tax credits offered.

Electrostatic filter (washable)

This type of filter is a permanent media filter that can be washed from time to time as needed. This eliminates the need to buy new filters.

Disposable pleated filter

This type of filter uses a pleated media to remove dust and other particles from the air stream. It is important to check these filters regularly and replace them as needed.

Electronic 24 volt air cleaner

This type of filter uses an electrically charged media to increase filtration performance. This improves indoor air quality by removing more particles from the airstream. This filter requires the occasional media replacement.

EWC zone control

These highly sophisticated controls work with dampers in the ductwork to create multiple zones throughout the house. You can utilize one unit, but have different temperatures in each zone. The control panel controls both the unit, and the zone dampers.

Auxiliary external electric heater

Adds that little bit of extra heat on those few coldest days. Also helps to balance the system size by balancing out those few extreme days. These heaters are installed in the supply air duct outside of the unit. Mostly used on horizontal style equipment.

Unit air pad (plastic or foam)

The unit air pad creates a buffer between the unit and the home. This buffer prevents any vibration from the unit to be transmitted into the home which improves the already quiet operation of the unit.