TETCO ES<sup>5</sup> Series Water-to-Water unit image 5 year warranty

ES5 Series Water-to-Water

The Tetco High Temperature Water-to-Water geothermal system is the ultimate solution for heating only applications where standard 120 degrees Fahrenheit leaving water temperature is not sufficient. It’s enhanced design increases water temperature output by 20 degrees. A vented coax option can provide 100% of the home’s domestic hot water supply, substantially reducing water heating costs without requiring a significant amount of space or installation time. Additionally, the non-vented coax option is ideal for radiant floor heating and pool heating applications.


  • Foam insulated, enhanced surface coaxial heat exchanger protects against moisture and improves unit performance and reliability.
  • Single-stage reciprocating compressor ensures better reliability.
  • Thermistor provides freeze-protection for the heat exchanger.
  • Side-mount water and refrigerant connections eliminate the need for elbow bends and additional piping.
  • Standard ¾-inch fittings on the vented coax model. Unvented coax option features 1-inch fittings.
  • Top and all side panels are removable for easy service and installation access.
  • Double o-ring fittings for source loop connections.
  • Meets ENERGY STAR® requirements for efficiency, a qualifier for many rebates and incentives. Ask your dealer or utility about incentives in your area.


Model Capacity Cooling Heating
Btu/hr EER Btu/hr COP
THP024 Unvented Full Load - - 23,900 3.2
Part Load - - - -
THP024 Vented Full Load - - 23,000 3.1
Part Load - - - -
Unit Notes
  • Rated in accordance with AHRI/ISO standard 13256-1, which includes pump penalties.
  • Heating capacities based on 68.0°F DB, 59.0°F WB entering air temperature.
  • Entering water temperatures Full Load: 32°F heating.